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Spoonflower, How do I love thee?

My university, where I participate in the “real” world as a writing instructor, is currently hosting Shakespeare’s First Folio, so this post’s title reflects the Bard’s influence.  Or maybe I’m just overtired and stressed.  Probably that.

Anyway.  This post is another Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest (FFFC) entry and it reflects a project that I started this summer, forgot about, tripped over, and finally finished.  The FFFC contest pairs bloggers (lowly ones like me, even!) with amazing brands like Spoonflower!  Yes, the post title was facetious but I do actually really love Spoonflower.  I’ve purchased paper from the company and it’s been lovely, both in quality and in print.  But Spoonflower prints not just paper, but wallpaper and fabric.  And not just one type of paper, or wallpaper or fabric–you’ve got options, man.  Thankfully, the each month’s contest reflects a theme and this time the theme–“Modern Flair”–provided me with much needed direction. It’s an upholstery month–I think we all secretly dread upholstery months (!)–and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I hesitated to enter this month’s contest.  But the chance to order material at a 50% discount AND potentially win a $250 gift card to Spoonflower?  I couldn’t pass it up.


The piece…

It’s always a trick finding something that reflects a theme.  But I have this great friend, Rena–she’s a lovely, crazy person and convinced me that I should take a bunch of stuff from her garage this spring; the previous owners left said junk in the garage.  Guess what? My entry to the FFFC came from her garage.

Honestly, the chair was sturdy but in nightmare cosmetic condition.  Someone had painted the chair a garish pink (and the job was badly done) and then layered a “grandma” green (please know that I love grandmas!) over the pink, and then, to add insult to injury, covered the seat in a pink and green plaid. Did I mention that it’s an MCM style chair? Just no. No. No. No. NO.

I stripped the paint off earlier this summer, sanded the wood to prep it, and then stopped.  Honestly, I didn’t know what to do next.  Paint it? Probably not.  And as for seat, I knew that the green/pink plaid had to go, but wasn’t sure what to replace it with.  Hmmmmmm. Maybe another plaid? Juuuuuuust kidding. The contest offered an ideal opportunity to find a quality product from a company I love,  at a reasonable price.


The fabric…

Right away I knew that I wanted a graphic, bold, mid-century print and after some search, settled on this one: a Danish Modern Sixties Vibe.  Perfect.

I recovered the seat, applied a Danish oil finish (are you seeing the Danish theme??) to the frame and the grandma green and green/pink plaid chair became this.


Unfortunately, the photos didn’t turn out nearly as well as I’d hoped they would. In fact, most ended up on the proverbial chopping block, on the floor.  But, it’s a great piece.  One that I’ll probably keep–at least for awhile–and pair it with a sweet Broyhill Brasilia desk that I found for $65 dollars! Many thanks to Spoonflower for the discounted fabric, and to these sweet gals, who organize this contest every. single. month (pssssst: except for December) 😉

FFFC - main graphic (updated 5.11.2016)


















If you’re a fab furniture flipper and want more info, send an email to Find other entries to this month’s contest at Thirty Eight Street and 58 Water Street; Carrie and Colleen, respectively, are this month’s hosts.  Thank you!

To that day, when that sweet Brasilia desk is complete and DONE.

Long live the Queen,

Queen P

PSsssst: This is a sponsored post, in a way, in that I received a discount on my fabric from Spoonflower since I participated in the contest.  Also: I really, really, really LOVE Spoonflower.


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